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Austin Hindu Temple – Staff

Smt. Uma Jillalamudi …….Ph: 512 927 0000


Smt. Uma Jillalamudi joined the Temple in 2016 as Office Manager with 15+ years of experience in various managerial roles. Uma ji has been active in the Temple community as a volunteer since 2005 and partiipated in all major events. She was an entrepreneur back in India and worked with various private entities as well as Government departments in United Andhra Pradesh State. Currently, as Office Manager, Uma ji activelly manages and coordinates finance, kitchen, volunteers, events, procurement and Temple maintenance.

Sri Venkatesan Perumal …….

Sri Venkatesan Perumal joined the Austin Hindu temple family as a support staff in early May 2022. Before coming to Austin, he worked as sculptor for Padmasri Muthiah Sthapati for 23 years. He was part of the team which did the ornamentation work at Austin Hindu Temple during 2014-2018. Venkatesan is originally from Srivilliputtar in Tamil Nadu.