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The logo has got several components.

  • Lotus in a body of water: It represents the principle of detachment. Refer: Bhagavat Geeta verse 5:10. …padma-patram evaambasaa. He who acts offering all fruits of actions to the Lord and giving up attachment remains untouched by sin just as a lotus leaf in water. It is a teaching how to live in this world. The world, sansara is described as an ocean in scriptures. Even though the lotus is born in mud and water it is pure, above it, untouched. There are other meanings.
  • As per yoga sadhana there are 7 chakras in our spine which are represented by lotus with various numbers of petals. The sahasrara is a thousand-petal-lotus which is at the top of fontanel. The opening of lotus means realization of supreme.
    All our deities’ feet, eyes are compared with lotus. Also, they  are depicted sitting or standing on a lotus. Mother Lakshmi/Saraswati especially sits on a lotus. Lotus is a sign of devotion. Bottom line: Our life needs to be like that of a lotus flower in essence to realize Divinity.
  • “AUM” – it is the formless aspect of Divinity. Truly speaking it is a vibration (anahata dhwani) – the sound of silence – always in the background – always new. It is all inclusive – syllable A: all beginning U: middle M: end. Nothing is outside of it.
    All deities are described as ‘omkara swarupa / omkara swarupini’. Refer: (i) Patanjali Yoga Sutra (1:27) tasya vachakah pranavah
    The sacred word designating this creative source is the sound AUM, called pranava.
    (ii) Bhagawad Gita: 8:13, 7.8, 9.17, 10.25, 17. 23. “I am the syllable AUM…I am the sacred monosyllable…Among words, I am the monosyllable AUM.”  His statements imply that AUM is not a symbol of God but is God. So, there can be nothing greater or a subject more important.
    (iii) Mandukya and other Upanishad(s): expounds the mystic syllable AUM – four states of existence: awake, dream, deep sleep and turiya. A very deep subject matter itself!
  • Samkham and Chakram: In brief, they are the traditional symbols of Lord Vishnu. Lord holds them in His hand in addition to Gadaa and Padma. Lord Vishnu represents “Saakara Brahma” – Divinity with attributes.
  • Mount Kailash and Shiva Lingam: Represents Lord Shiva – Divinity with form, the Three-eyed one (Tryambakam) as described in Rudram. Water in the front and with lotus fits the narrative of nature with snow-capped Mount Kailash in the background.
  • Name: “Austin Hindu Temple…” at the bottom along with “Community Center”…
  • Unifying Message at the Top, (Abheda Daranam Jnanam – in English transliteration of original Sankrit): It is an excerpt from Skanda Upanishad verse 11.

It means “Experience of Oneness is true Wisdom”. Full verse:

Abheda Darshanam Jnanam, Dhyanam Nirvishayam Manam;

Snaanam mano mala thyagam, Showcham indriya Nigraham” ||

Meaning: The real Jnana is experiencing Oneness; real Dhyana is controlling the Manas from all temptations. The real snana or Bathing is cleansing of all impurities from mind. Real Showcha or cleanliness is controlling the Indriyas (senses)

The last 3 items are the pre-requisite for Abheda Darshana and it comes from within. The verse is written with English because it is easy to follow. Sankrit is considered language of Devataas (Deva Bhasaa). No English translation will capture the essence fully. The message binds all the components together. It is very instructive, succinct, extremely profound, yet relatively easy to understand.

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