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Austin Hindu Temple committee has been diligently working towards bringing a place of worship and a center of religious/cultural learning to Austin. These functions mark the ceremonial start, of all our efforts to work on the Austin Hindu Temple Project in which everyone is requested participate and seek God’s blessings to realize our dream of a beautiful Austin Hindu Temple.


The vision of the Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center is to enhance the religious experience for all in our diverse congregational community. The temple will enhance and expand programs in education, youth & adult activities and services to the community. Austin Hindu Temple will undertake planned expansion of programs, membership, activities and facilities in carefully prepared implementation that adhere to mission statement of the Temple.


The mission of the Temple is to be a focal point for Hindu worship, prayer, education, community and family life within the precepts of Hinduism and in the traditional role of a Hindu Temple and with God’s blessings to realize our dream of a beautiful Austin Hindu Temple. The purpose of the Temple would be:

    • House of Worship
    • House of Gathering and
    • House of Learning
    • To promote and practice ideals of Hinduism and Hindu religion through worship, education and teaching, by constructing and operating a Hindu temple in the Austin city vicinity.
  • To strive for spiritual richness and human excellence through assimilation of values in Hindu scriptures into daily lives.
  • To recognize and respect other religions and belief systems in their proper context.
  • To establish and Maintain a Community center for the purpose of Conducting Hindu religious, cultural, Social and educational activities.

Through this focus, it is our mission to be mindful of our Hindu heritage, develop a congregational sense of responsibility to the extended community we serve and create an atmosphere of extended family for all our members.