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Where can I find Bylaws for AHT?

AHT Bylaws can be accessed by clicking the link Bylaws

How do I get my donation summary?

AHT will mail all the donation summary letters in February of every year, for donations made in the previous year. If you have not received your letter by end of Feburary, please send an email to treasurer@austinhindtemple.org and after  verification we will email you the requested information.

Can I have my wedding at temple?

Our priests can perform weddings either at the temple or at the place chosen by you. Our rental fee varies depending upon number of invitees and your requirements. If you need any other information please contact 512-927-0000 and talk with our office manager.

General rental policy
Rental application
Recreation Hall Pictures

Can we rent AHT Facilities (MPRH, Homa Kunda area, etc.)?

Yes. Please send an email to info@austinhindutemple.org. An AHT volunteer will get in touch within 24 hrs. If no response is received in 24 hrs, please contact any management member for help.

How do I provide feedback?

AHT welcomes your feedback. Click on the link feedback.
Please do provide your contact information, if you want to know the outcome of your feedback.

How can I suggest an event to be done at the temple?

AHT encourages diversity in celebrating the events. If you or your community is interested in doing a particular event, cultural/religious, please send an email to info@austinhindutemple.org with the details and also do provide your contact information.
AHT management will contact you on your request and discuss the details with you.

Why no one from temple contacted me about my priest service request?

Usually AHT priests will contact the devotee about 2-3 weeks before the requested date. You can call our priests any time and talk to them. For the priest contact information click here. If you are having difficulty reaching our priests, please send an email to info@austinhindutemple.org with the subject as “Priest service request” and priest service request coordinator will contact you as early as possible.

Can I donate items (like TV/Sofa/Car/Tables/Chairs) to Temple?

Yes you can, but please call our office manager at 512-927-0000 before dropping off the items. More information can be found in the link below.

Gift In Kind policy

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