Austin Hindu Temple and Community Center provides most of priest services in Greater Austin area. The prices shown are minimum suggested donations payable to AHT. Priest Dakshina is not included.
To schedule at home or out of town priest services fill up the online priest service request form. You can contact one of our priests with any questions regarding these services.
Please do call us for any services Listed here or any other services not listed or any group services. Any programs scheduled at the Temple with more than 10 guests and/or food, please call 927-0000 for additional charges.
For list of items please click on the link that is in bold for each of the services.
Name of the service In the temple Austin metro area Outside Austin
Ganapati Homam $151 $201 $251
Ayush Homam $151 $201 $251
Navagraha Homam $151 $201 $251
Nakshatra Homam $151 $201 $251
Seemantham with Homam $201 $251 $301
Namakaranam with Homam $151 $201 $251
Vaastu Homam $151 $201 $251
Lakshmi Homam $151 $201 $251
Rudra Homam $151 $201 $251
Chandi Homam $301 $351 $401
Sudarshana Homam $251 $301 $351
Other Homams $151 $201 $251