At-Home Priest Services during COVID-19

Austin Hindu Temple is happy to announce At-Home Priest Services with the below guidelines that a Temple’s priest and a devotee should follow when priest visits devotee’s home for a service.

1. Priests and devotees should wear face masks at all times during the priest service.

2. Priest needs to take his own mask before visiting the devotee’s house.

3. All the CDC guidelines must be followed before and after entering devotee’s house – 6 feet social distancing, washing hands with soap/Sanitizer, etc.

4. Priest checks with the devotee on a few things before entering devotee’s house. The same questionnaire should be asked by devotee to the priest so that both are in agreement to perform the service in the assigned time.

    a. Do you have fever/temperature? – Intended answer – No
    b. Do you or anybody in your home living with you have fever, cough, cold in the past 15 days? – Intended answer –         No
    c. Do you have any other known symptoms of Covid-19? Intended answer – No
    d. Did you Travel anywhere in flights or by any other mode from different country in the past 15 days? Intended         Answer – No

    The answer to these questions have to be “No”. If the answer is different, then either priest or devotee can reject the service at any time. Priest needs to call Religious Chair before cancelling the service so that he can speak to the devotee.

5. Maintain Social distance of 6 feet during all times.

6. As soon as priest gets down the car from the parking lot in front of devotee home, he has to wear the mask. NO EXCEPTIONS. Same goes with Devotee until Priest Service is completed.

7. Priest goes over the guidelines once again before the service.

8. Priest and Devotee must clean their hands before the pooja.

9. Wearing gloves is preferred all times.

10. The maximum people allowed for any pooja is 6 depending on the type of priest service. It should be just one nuclear family who are living together for sometime.

For any further questions, please contact Religious Committee Chair at 512-789-0106 or send an email to or