Live Stream

In response to the Corona virus (COVID-19) situation and resulting cancellations and postponements of events, AHT management has decided to start Live Stream of some of its day to day services, rituals and events. We understand that the virtual Darshan is not as good as the real feeling of going to your temple, but hope you will find some satisfaction watching remotely.

We pray that this current health emergency is over soon and you all can come and attend the larger ceremonies. Please note that the Priests are doing all regular religious services as scheduled.

For the convenience of devotees, AHT is offering E-Archana for all deities based on their Abhishekam Schedule. Here is how it works:
1. Devotees fill out the priest services form for the E-Archana service and they enter their GothraNamas in the comments section.
Important Note: The cut-off time to make the request is 7:00pm previous day. This will ensure adequate time to pass the information to the assigned priest(s).
2. Archana will be performed in the Sannidhi where the abhishekam is performed as per the requested date and deity. The streaming will happen after Abhishekam and Alankaram is complete. Typically curtain is drawn during Alankaram.
3. During live streaming of archana & aarathi, devotee’s names will be chanted and it can be watched live.

We will be streaming at below url’s and the schedule follows them.

Facebook Stream –
Youtube Stream –

Regular Scheduled live Streams (Approximate times)
      Day	           Deity 	                        Start Time(appx)
Sunday  	Sri Vara Sidhi Vinayaka	                        11:15am
Saturday	Sri Venkateshwara	                        10:45am
Friday  	Sri Raja Rajeshwari Devi	                08:15pm
Thursday	Sri Sai Baba	                                07:30pm
Monday  	Sri Vishwanatha	                                07:40pm

Other Scheduled live Streams (Approximate times)
        Date	           Deity 	                        Start Time(appx)
05/30/2020	Masa Chandi Homam	                        05:00pm
05/31/2020	Aruna Homam	                                10:30am
06/02/2020	Main Temple 7th Anniversary Program             06:00pm
06/02/2020	Sri Abhaya Anjaneya	                        07:45pm
06/03/2020	Sri Mahalakshmi 	                        06:00pm
06/03/2020	Sri Sudarshana and Sri Narasimha                07:00pm
06/03/2020	Pradosham - Sri Viswanatha                      07:45pm
06/04/2020	Vaikasi Visakam	                                08:15pm

We will try to update this page as new streams come up. Please follow Austin Hindu Temple facebook page for latest updates.

** you do not need a facebook account to view the streams **

You can also follow our facebook page to get notified when we go live. Facebook

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